September 28, 2009

The Problem with This President...So Sayeth Tweety

Flipped on todays DVRed Countdown, which always starts with the last minute of Hardball...just in time to hear Chris Matthews tell me that the problem with 'this President" is that he doesn't know what the majority of the people want - they want jobs not health care.  And  for some reason a big ol' gong went off in my head - was Tweety vacationing on Mars when Obama was attempting to push a really big Stimulus bill packed full of jobs through Congress?  Is he on the Moon now?  Climate Change legislation, upgrading the grid, investing in new technology, and flooding the market with incentives will put alot of people back to work. Real Health Care Reform will shift actual dollars away from excessive executive bonuses and general thievery to actual health care which will create greater employment for health care workers.

Remember last weeks gripe about Obama fatigue - because he was on my TeeVee more than once?  Well obviously he still hasn't been on enough to inform one of the leading lights of the "Liberal Media", that practically everything coming out of the White House has a job proposal in it somewhere.

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